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Goat, Pagan and Priest

Well, there was no turning back, so she had to go. After walking a little farther, Valerie turned down one of the streets and came across a lame goat. Phew, at least there's someone alive in this strange place. Except... What's wrong with this goat? It seems like an ordinary goat, but still, it's like I can feel my muscles clenching at the mere sight of it. It's better not to think about it.
A man stepped from the fog towards Valerie. He moves fast and mutters something incomprehensible. He clearly is aggressive - it's better to keep weapons at the ready. It's time for the first battle.
"gosh, who was that? Mad creature, he looks more like a goat than a human". After the battle, on his last breath, the heathen uttered: "Cut out the symbol and free the souls." What could that mean?
Taking a breath after the fight, Valerie makes her way to the side where the pagan came from. A man arose in front of her, whose appearance makes it clear: he is the main among these cultists. Upon seeing the hero, the priest opens his secret book and begins to read aloud incantations or prayers in an incomprehensible language. Have to fight again. The clouds gather around, and the birds fly away with frightened cries.